Room reservation in Hrodno

Booking of services is based on a written request received by fax +375 (152) 62-45-31+375 (152) 62-45-38 or e-mail:

Contact phone number: +375 (152) 62-45-31
Mobile: +375 (29) 675-02-95, +375 (29) 585-02-99

Also you can book your stay online:

The hotel administrator will send you a written confirmation of the hotel services booked . To do this, please specify your contact phone numbers, Fax number, and e-mail in the request letter . If there is no response from the hotel within 24 hours after sending the request , the reservation is considered invalid.

Cancellations and changes must be made at least one day in advance for individual bookings and at least 7 days before the start of the group check-in. In the case of non-cash payment, hotel services are provided only on the condition of 100% prepayment.

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